Change Your Clothes For More Success!

"You've got to look the part!" How many times have you heard that expression? Probably, pretty frequently, if you watch romantic comedies like I used to. There is actually a very good reason for this ideology. I'm not going to get into the psychological reasons, but dressing a certain way does alter human behavior. For [...]


“When In Rome…”

Okay. I'm not actually in rome, at the moment. However, this ubiquitous saying has me thinking today. Why do people try so hard to not seem like a tourist, when they actually are one? What is so embarrassing about fully embracing a new experience? People that subscribe to my blog know that I am originally [...]

Music For Success!!!

The saying, "Good vibes only" is more than just a catchy collocation of words. If you are into science at all, then you know that everything has a vibration on an atomic/molecular level. Even the very atoms that compose us are constantly vibrating. Sound, too, is basically vibration and/or the result of vibration. Subsequently, all [...]

Meditating For Success

We all have those days where we can't completely focus on an important task. Maybe some days you just feel mentally exhausted and don't really feel like doing anything all day long. Things like that only delay success, which I am not a fan of. After dealing with this issue myself for a while, I [...]

It’s Alive!!!

Have you ever been in front of your television and thought to yourself, "what would this movie be like with no music?" Well I do that alot, actually. I imagine the movie would be pretty uniteresting, regardless of it's genré. The romantic moments would morph into awckward soft-core porn, ladened with heavy breathing. Normally exciting, [...]

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